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Anzu and Ankylosaurus
Just a little spoof of the game "Saurian's" logo, which initially featured a tyrannosaurus and a triceratops. Someone already made a logo with dakotaraptor and pachycephalosaurus, so I went ahead and drew one for the unreleased playable dinosaurs, anzu and ankylosaurus.
Defiant Deviation
The template for the challenge clearly displayed the outline of a person, probably a woman. Of course many people followed this tightly, but I've decided to take another path. "Deviant Art" is forgotten on this website, so to celebrate what our community stands for, I've defied the deviants and created an artwork unlike even the template itself.

Don't forget what we mean.

Happy 17th birthday, DeviantArt. 
Saurian is a dinosaur simulation game that recently launched on steam, it's fun enough, and has thrilling gameplay. One of the main reasons the game is recognized amongst paleontologists is the near total lack of shrinkwrapping of any kind on the dinosaurs in-game. While many would agree with this, I do not. The dakotaraptor in the game features an almost canine muzzle with fleshy lips. I have expanded on this and made a more accurate representation of the animal in life, featuring a long, prehensile snout, which is clearly an extremely plausible feature for such an animal.
Neurotenic Quetzalcoatlus
Quick thing I did in MSPaint.

Other people's quetz strains all seemed very boring and conservative to me, save for Tapwing's. Other neuro dinos are shown to have warped the creature's anatomy. The neuro spino has a long birdlike neck, smooth, spoon-shaped spines, a large fleshy fluke on the tail and longer arms.

I decided to take this to the extreme and make my neuro quetz bipedal, walking on its wings, while using the feet as hand-like manipulators. I gave it a parrot-like beak as a nod to how smart parrots are, and a strong breastbone to aid in flying with such a heavy animal.

This is more or less just me practicing drawing with a mouse.
The Naola
Mankind’s influence on Earth was always said to be irreversible, this was not the case. After the reactors blew up, the cities crumbled and the dams gave way, it looked grim. Only the strongest, most adaptable, and most numerous animals could survive. Well, those and any polar animals that survived the global warming that ensued.
After the weather cleared up, Earth began its recovery. Filling the spaces left by long dead species in with remained. The skies swarm with secondarily volant birds and dog-sized cicada-like insects. The impenetrable forests, twisted meshes of pine and palm, are home to arboreal cephalopods, gibbon-like spiders and predatory xenarthrans. The open plains brimmed with life, as herd of grazing, horse-sized dogs run from giant, raptorial lagomorphs. The oceans are ruled by whale sized seals and peculiarly unchanged sharks, trailed by scavenging crocodilians and water-breathing monotremes, with gills in their mouths.
Perhaps even more peculiar than the heavily derived species that roam the surface are the denizens of the underworld. In what was once Mexico, something stirs beneath the ever-shifting sands of a newly formed desert. A small group of rabbit-sized geckos scatter, but nowhere near fast enough, as one member disappears into the jaws of the surfacing predator. At first glance one may think it was some kind of alligator or some kind of caiman. But upon closer inspection… the answer is still nowhere near apparent. It has the same sprawled stature, scaly hide and high set eyes. Perhaps the only feature that betrays the creature’s true nature is the strange nasal crest that adorns its snout.
The animal shifts slightly, basking in the afternoon sunlight. It was far too hot to surface during the day, and so the creature comes up to warm its cold-blooded body. Considering this metabolism, it would make even more sense to consider the creature some kind of fossorial crocodilian. This assumption would be incorrect, which only becomes apparent when the animal fully surfaces. Its slender, meter-long body is adorned with scales and scutes typical of a reptile, its high set eyes are strangely familiar, and the animal’s two digited forelimbs only add to the mystery of its ancestry.
This animal, which has come to be known as the Naola, natavespertilis harenamexicus, is exactly what it’s latin name would suggest. A bat. The creature has diverged so far from its true ancestors that it can barely be considered a mammal. It is completely devoid of hair, save for upward pointing whiskers, and the only notably mammalian trait is the animal’s external genitalia. The Naola is just over a metre long, pushing the limits of a fossorial sand-dwelling animal.
It is one of only a handful of ectothermic mammals, all descendants of bats, all native to the Americas. It is a carnivorous creature, preying upon anything that is stupid enough to pass through its forest of near-invisible whiskers. During the breeding season, the creatures cannot give birth and raise their young in the searing sand, as their cold-blooded metabolism would render the young cooked within hours. To combat this the animals make a dangerous surface journey to solid ground, which could either be the final remnants of a human city, or a rocky outcropping they can dig a den in.
What the future holds for this changed Earth is a mystery, but one thing is sure. The age of mammals is just about to go into overdrive.
This day was pretty good! I drew some decent pictures and invented a creature.


AntFingers's Profile Picture
Call me Octo.
Hello Everyone! I'm a young Australian student with quite a skill in drawing imaginary animals, Aliens, Spec Evo creatures and SKULLS. BUT. I'm not particularly good at angles on non-humanoid creatures. Commisions welcome!


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