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Maths Class by AntFingers
Maths Class
This is primarily what my maths classes consist of. To me anyway.

From top to bottom:
-The victim of a brutal murder known only as "Incident 67.113".
-A common scumbag, preying upon innocent mathematics.
-An unfinished sketch of a Trink (a species from an old Spore RP I was once involved in, sadly my account is dead).
-Innocent (evil) maths.
-A poorly executed badger.
-A genetically engineered goat, can speak fluent English (though don't understand it) and is used in buildings as a natural speaker system. Inspired by those goddamned screaming goats.
-A totally normal Styrah.
-An Avikan sandtrooper. Also from the old Elithian Alliance RP, popularized by Starbound. I'm happy with this one, as I finally figured out their clothing. More info coming in later pieces.

That concludes it.
Hold on a second wtf. Why in the name of holy sh*t does it say I was born in 1992? I'm 14!
If anyone can help me change this, please do.

Also yeah I'm 14. I'm a smolboi.
Just noticed I have 31 watchers.
Why are you all wasting your time looking at  MY art!?

Just kidding plz still luv meeeeee...
CreepCoal by AntFingers
This is CreepCoal, a subadult male Moonspot Imp.

Imps belong to Ramul. This is just a filler to go with my Jackhobs.
Scale Ref Sheet by AntFingers
Scale Ref Sheet
1A. A common Jackhob, and his human employer. Jackhobs are stupendously intelligent. They are on bar, if not above with imps intelligence-wise, though they don't use tools and trap as often. This specimen is male, as shown by the colourful, fanning head quills.
1B. A Jackhob in flight, compared to a Faefly and a Striped Harpy.

2A. A male Faefly shows off his mad skills in wing-having by having wings. Faelfies cannot fly, only glide, like they're mammalian contempory flying Squirrels.
2B. Faelfy in flight.

3A. A female striped Harpy, sporting her bland and generic head quills. She is the heaviest modern flying animal, with a weight (and height) just under that of an adult human male. Male harpies are somewhat smaller than the females, with brighter colours and fanning quills.
3B. A poorly drawn in-flight harpy showing the true immensity of the creature.
This day was pretty good! I drew some decent pictures and invented a creature.


AntFingers's Profile Picture
Lord Cablewind
Hello Everyone! I'm a young Australian student with quite a skill in drawing imaginary animals, Aliens, Spec Evo creatures and SKULLS. BUT. I'm not particularly good at angles on non-humanoid creatures. Commisions welcome!

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