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Far Flyers, or Mmdi-ru (mm-di-rue) in their own language, are one of the most mysterious races in our universe. They are peculiar, and like many species, are of Aeternan descent, the masterful beings that planted life on all planets known to have life (save for a few... truly strange worlds, such as the homeworld of the incomprehensible Shdri). This explains their somewhat familiar anatomy, to the untrained eye at least. Under their flowing cloaks are two 4-foot long insectile arms with "fingers" all along the final segment. They have two jointless legs each about 3 feet long. They have 6 radially-aligned toes, each opposing each other.

The large central eye of the Mmdi-ru is a sight, scent and hearing organ, capable of seeing far into the colour spectrum, and hearing far lower and higher frequencies than humans. Their mouths are located below the eye, and are essentially invisible when closed, but can expand to a surprising size when opened, allowing large quantities of food in, revealing two rows of small, round, extremely sharp teeth. The four flaps on their heads are not ears, nor heat regulators, but highly-derived wings. The Mmdi-ru evolved in the immensely tall, thick canopy of their planet's forests. The trees are roughly 460 meters tall, with canopies so thick you can walk on them, and smaller trees can grow atop them. The ancestors flew above this canopy-ground and seized prey with long arms.

Mmdi-ruite culture is unique the species is separated into two genders, mate for life, yet reproduce via airborne spermatophores. This means that, when the female gets pregnant, there is a high chance the child is not yours. If this the case it will result in the male boosting in testosterone, expanding the size of his wings, and dilating his pupil, resulting in him becoming extremely attractive to his mate. If the female is seduced by the show, another ritual shall occur, resulting in the bastard child being cast away into the lower canopies, or forest floor. This is repeated until a true child of the pair is born, in which case the child is raised similar to a human, but educated by their parents. Their architecture is forged of technological plant matter that expands itself to the family's needs when required.

The colloquial name, Far-Flyers, comes from their willingness to explore, and seemingly endless distance travelled. It is not rare for colony ships to arrive on worlds reportedly barren, only to find the Far Flyers have set up shop there.

Inspired by my Stellaris empire, the Mmdi-ru.
Mexico Parrot Contemplates Existence
Drawn at midnight on Microsoft paint.

I intended this to be some kind of epic meme LOLE, but ended up making some weird philosophical monologue for a dinosaur featured in a survival game I play. Mexico Parrot is a Psittacosaurus by the way.
Skull Crawler
Huge, flightless azhdarchid pterosaur. Apex predator of skull island, descended from estuarine, fish-eating, amphibious pterosaurs. Primary digit (wing finger) has developed into a flipper-like calloused  pad for easy locomotion over rough terrain. Made for Hyrotrioskjans #SpecChallenge . Sorry for the crease in the upper left, it got bent.
I just concocted a sapient race of bipedal, wing-walking, volant, omnivorous, shaggy ceratopsians. Of course this was only possible if the K-T impact did occur, just... On a smaller scale.
This day was pretty good! I drew some decent pictures and invented a creature.


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Call me Octo.
Hello Everyone! I'm a young Australian student with quite a skill in drawing imaginary animals, Aliens, Spec Evo creatures and SKULLS. BUT. I'm not particularly good at angles on non-humanoid creatures. Commisions welcome!


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